About Ken

Civil Engineer, MIT, Michigan

  • Experience and training in computer aided drafting (CADD)
  • Experience in land surveying.
  • Soil testing including sieve analysis, proctors, and density tests.
  • Experience and training on various projects using no dig technologies (directional drilling and pipe lining)
  • Design, management and construction observation on non-motorized facilities, water main, sanitary sewer, force main, airport, storm sewer, and road improvement projects.
  • Construction & inspection on metering stations and pump stations.
  • Underwater inspections on water intake and channel repair projects.
  • Ability to plan ahead and find creative and long-term solutions.
  • Designing and building high quality infrastructure at low costs.
  • Extensive contact with property owners and businesses in easement acquisitions for project construction.
  • Excellent communication skills and extensive experience in working with contractors and clients to ensure projects are built according to specifications.
  • Monitoring project costs and negotiating extra project costs during construction.
  • Public relations and building strong relationships with clients.